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Relief for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Not sure if you snore, or if you suffer from sleep apnea? Ask your bed partner or other household members what it sounds like when you're sleeping. They are the ones who really notice whether your sleep habits include prolonged episodes of silence and gasping (an indication that you have sleep apnea) or simply persistent rhythmic snoring. Either way, it is certainly life disturbing to the other members of your family.

In addition to being disruptive to the sleep patterns of those around you, episodes of sleep apnea interfere with your night's rest which is essential for the body and mind to function efficiently. Over time, loss of oxygen to certain vital organs can result in heart attack and stroke among other problems. Sleep apnea is a potentially life threatening medical condition.

If you suspect that you suffer from the condition, visit Dr. Richardson's clinic for a consultation followed by a referral to a sleep clinic. Our trained professional will conduct an examination and discuss the diagnostic screening process and options for the optimum relief of symptoms. We offer a primary treatment option that includes the use of a custom dental appliance that has proven effective in treating patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea as well as patients who are unable or unwilling to wear a CPAP mask. This option is a cost comparable solution that is easy to use and eliminates the discomfort experienced with the CPAP device.

By helping one person in a family with their snoring or sleep apnea, we can help to impact the quality of many lives. If you or your partner wants to discuss an alternative to a CPAP appliance, contact our Toronto clinic today at (416) 284-9994.