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Continuing education is very important to Dr. Richardson. He has completed the “Qualified Dentist” qualification at the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine to upgrade his skills. He agrees with the old adage: “the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know”. It is an endless loop of learning and questions.


Dr. Richardson is a former President of the Toronto Academy of Dentistry, President of his Community Association for 24 years, community activist and fine collector of horrible Dad jokes.


“People deserve to have a better night’s rest and that’s what we promote at our clinic he says. “Sleep,  or the lack of it, can significantly impact our quality of life and that of our loved ones. With proper  diagnosis and appropriate treatment, we have the opportunity to treat a potentially deadly condition.”


“By helping one person in a family with their Sleep Apnea, I can help to impact the quality of many lives,” notes Dr. Richardson. 


As a patient, you can expect a warm, professional team who will listen to your concerns and try to make your treatment as successful as possible. The personable, jovial, friendly atmosphere will put you at ease.  

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Dr. Richardson and his team have been proudly serving the residents of the Scarborough community since 1980

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