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Inspire Sleep Apnea Device.

I would like to introduce you to a novel approach to treating Sleep Apnea in appropriate patients.

The following site is the manufacturers site, which contains their description of the treatment and other information related to the sales of the device. There are sub-menu items for cost, eligibility, and qualification. You can surf the site to learn more or read my quick summary below.

The quick report on this device is as follows:

This is an implantable device ( it is placed under the skin, like a pacemaker) that connects to a muscle in your airway. When the device detects that you need to breath in, the device produces a slight current to contract a muscle that opens the airway. When you breath out, the muscle stimulation stops, and the muscle relaxes. This repeats all night, so over the course of your sleep, you are able to get at Better Nights Rest.

This is not for everyone, but for the appropriate patient, this could be a game changer.

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