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Shaq attacks Sleep Apnea

This video dramatizes Shaq having an overnight sleep study. Shaq is able to have this at home instead of at a board certified sleep clinic.

The video speaks of a CPAP solution and Shaq tries on a nasal mask. The compressor that the mask is attached to is not shown.

Mandibular advancing devices (MAD) are a viable alternative to CPAP and the device helps people who are claustrophobic, unable to travel with an attached compressor or are bothered by the noise. The MAD is small, easy to pack, silent and effective in appropriate cases.

There is a second video where Shaq is promoting MAD for a dental group in the USA.

I have attained the "Qualified Dentist" status from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, which entails study, exams and case presentations.

Please send me an email or call the office at 416-284-9994 with any further questions.

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